Team Tea by Two tastes every tea before it is placed on our menu. We carefully choose teas of different origins and flavor profiles. Though we are proud of every tea on our menu, we do have our favorites. Here is a list of what we are currently sipping...


Chocolate Almond
If I can't have coffee, give me chocolate!


I love a tea that can stand up to milk and sugar. The strong malty flavor of Assam is my favorite all day tea. I choose raw sugar to sweeten this cup because of the caramel flavor it adds to the brew. Warm milk adds a creamy, soothing touch.


French Toast
My Mom makes the best French toast! Since we introduced this tea at our Mothers Day event this year, I have been enjoying this delicious flavor in a cup. Just like Mom's with maple, brown sugar and cinnamon. Hmmm good!


Chocolate Mint Kiss
Served hot or iced, this tea is delicious and refreshing any time of day.



Strawberry Sundae
If you love the taste of strawberries, you'll love this green tea blended with a burst of creamy strawberry flavor!