Dear Teana…

Dearest Tea Troubles,

Making a pot of tea should be a calming activity, not a troubling one! Let me brew up some of the best tea-making advice I can.

Everyone likes their tea a little differently. Some like it strong, some like it mild, but very few people like it bitter. In fact, in all my days in the tearoom, I’ve never met someone who thinks bitter is better! If you’re trying to brew a nice strong cup of tea, the key to success is this: If you want a stronger cup, add more tea, not more time. If you brew a pot of tea, I recommend four minutes for any amount of tea you scoop. That’s how we do it in our kitchen! If you take a sip and it’s not strong enough, when you brew your next cup, don’t brew it for longer, instead add another scoop of tea to your tea sac.

As for your tea sac spillage, it happens to the best of us. That’s why pouring the hot water is a very important part of the process. It’s all about the angles. Once you scoop your tea into your tea sac, face the open side of the sac to the inside of your pot or cup. Fold the top of the sac over the outside of your pot or cup and pin it with your finger. This way, your tea sac with all of the tea is inside, but the water won’t force the loose tea out. After you pour, the material of the tea sac should stick to the side just enough to keep your tea secure.

I hope your next pot of tea is a breeze and you can enjoy the delicious fruits (or leaves) of your labor!

Happy Sipping,