Tea of the Week

Tea of The Week

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August 1st

Cotton Candy
It’s as if summer never ends when you sip this cup of happiness! Rooibos/Honeybush blend with vanilla.
August 8th
Carnival Ride
Your taste buds will hit new heights with this supreme white tea scented with pineapple. Remember to keep your hands on your teacup at all times!
August 15th
Camden Station
We’re from “Bawlamer” Hon – and this oolong scented with orange and caramel is a Home Run!
August 22nd
Georgia Peach
Smokey Oolong paired with luscious peach makes this a year around favorite.
August 29th
Purple Reign
Put your game face on as you sip this green and white blend of cranberry, hibiscus and apple. These tea leaves bleed purple.